Sian from My Rural Tribe LOVES to talk to people and hear thier story, i especially love to talk to farmers, who I find so inspiring. My podcast is asking the question ‘What makes a farmer’, we delve into thier farming story and let the conversation take us on a journey! I hope you enjoy.

Episode 11 – James Robinson @jrfromstrickley

It was a real pleasure to speak with James about going organic, being the 5th generation farmer at Strickley, his herd of dairy Shorthorn cattle and of course hedges! Pride and passion for what he and his family are doing this, take a listen to thier farming story. @jrfromstrickley

Episode 10 – Susan & Shay @Seaviewfarms

I loved talking with Susan and Shay about their #regenerativeagriculture journey. They are so passionate about they are doing, regenerating the environment while producing nutrient rich food. An unhealthy obsession with the dung beetle and the love of electric fencing are some of the things we talk about.  I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as i did!  @seaviewfarms

Episode 9 – Charlie Beaty

It was a pleasure talking to Charlie aka @globetrottingfarmgirl, as we sat under a tree in a field Meridan, where she farms with her Dad and Uncle Tom; sheep, beef and arable. Charlie has done so much in such a short time, taking on board the power of saying YES! The next step… Regenerative farming; Charlie IS one to watch…  find her on Instagram for her daily farming life! 

Episode 8 – Sam Kenyon

It was lovely to spend time talking to Sam on her sunny farm in Denbighshire in North Wales.  Sam has taken on the gauntlet of ‘If we want to be SEE the change, we need to BE the change’Sam is building up her flock of sheep, and her herd of goats to work with the farm, not against it. Sam’s passion for what she has achieved and will achieve is inspiring! Enjoy hearing her talk about Glan Llyn. 
@glanllyn_farmher               www.glanllynfarm.co.uk

Episode 7 – Helen Owens

It was a joy to speak with Helen the @wernbachshepherdess. Helen and her husband started their flock of South Down sheep, for no other reason that they look cute, but have soon realised what a great terminal sire they are! With help from breeders, friends , neighbouring farmers and Farming Connect, they ‘got stuck in and have a go’. Being open about her post-natal depression and how having to get on and out to look after the livestock with a new born baby has given her confidence in herself. 

Episode 6 – Olly Harrison

It was a pleasure to speak with Olly  whilst he sprayed his crops! Olly speaks about why being dyslexic is a gift, how sunflowers can change lives and how he takes on diversification opportunties. Follow Olly on the socials as @agricontract or @ollyharrison for updates from his Isolation Diaries from his tractor as he gets the crops in the ground!

Episode 5 – Lucy Owens

It was a pleasure to speak with Lucy and hear about her life growing up on the farm and how it is an industry so close to her heart.  Lucy farms alongside her husband, works for local businesses and has her own clothing brand – i Care Clothing – with profits go to a farming or countryside charity every quarter, which is a great philosophy to give back.  Follow Lucy on instagram @thismumcares

Episode 4 – Heather Wildman


My Rural Tribe host Sian Mercer, had the pleasure to speak with Heather Widman of Saviour Associates – about all things farming, from growing up on the farm, skills  needed to be a a rep driving up the farm lane, to the importance of shouting about how good our British farmers are AND the need to take holiday!

Heather talks about why the S word (succession) should be spoken about – and it all starts with a conversation. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 3 – Ruari Martin


Ruari Martin wears the most amazing hat, but boy does he put across some good points.

Having grown up surrounded by the countryside and farmers in very rural Hexham, where a 8 mile walk to do his maths GCSE was taken in his stride, to realising that following your passion meant working in paradise every day – and for Ruari that is farming. From gaining practical experience from the low lands to the uplands, Ruari is now (fancy title!) farm manager at Myerscough College, where he can combine his love for the practical along with science and technology.  Embracing learning and getting off farm to have conversations and make the magic happen….

Follow Ruari on Twitter – @RuariMart

Episode 2 – Claire Stead

In this episode I speak with Claire Stead, who I follow on instagram @claires_farmlife – I really enjoy seeing Claire’s life on the farm, it makes me envious and want to be out on that quad bike, but as you’ll find out it isn’t all sunsets and cute lambs!

Claire came home to the farm after 7 years working in an office, because some things are just in your heart, to be a farmer is to be part of the earth and of nature, and that calling is there.

Episode 1 – Abi Reader 

Behind every great person there is a great community.  Abi is a dairy farmer, spokesperson, representative and educator. Farm life is busy but add in the other commitements and Abi is one busy lady.  Having a great team behind her, from mum, farm staff and those external but equally important to a farm business, mean the show goes on.

By taking a chance and saying yes to opportunities Abi’s world opened up, from being interviewed on national TV, becoming dairy Chair for the NFU Cymru to collecting her MBE from Prince Charles.

Having a vision and people behind you to help push you forward is how Abi has achieved the success she has.




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